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Kerry is a very active dog – sort of

September 17, 2015

Kerry loves to go on a walk and play ball in the park or go ‘hunting’ in the garden.

Even when she’s resting, she keeps moving. For example:-

At about 4 a.m., when we’re fast asleep. she squeezes in between us on the bed and stays there until around 9 a.m.


After a ‘comfort break’ she will return there or, if it is sunny, move to bed 2 for a few hours – behind the sofa.


When it becomes less sunny, or colder, she’ll move to bed 3.


This bed is handy for food and water, a warm radiator and greeting visitors. If she gets bored she may return to bed 1 or 2. Later in the day, when she has been exercised and has eaten her fill she usually retires to bed 4 in the lounge.


Around meal-time she’ll often return to bed 3 – just in case of any left-overs. Later, when we move to the den to watch TV, she’ll head to bed 5. She’ll try to get there first and spread out to occupy the whole sofa. (Note; she knows she is only allowed on furniture with a throw on it.)


But we try to get there first to avoid having to haul her to one side. At 24 kg, it’s not easy.


Later still, Sue goes to bed first and Kerry will occupy my side of the bed. Eventually, It’s time for me to get in so she knows the command “Your bed!”. Finally she moves to bed 5, until that 4 a.m. sneak back on the bed.


I’ve missed out the throw on the sofa in the conservatory, which she’ll use if we’re out there reading. Also, if Sue has moved small items out of a room for cleaning, Kerry will often take up residence in the hallway on the relevant bed.

There. Didn’t I say she was an active dog 🙂

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