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Today I have been ..

September 14, 2013

potting up some perennials.

6 each of 12 varieties. They arrived as ‘plugs’ in a box not much larger than a thick magazine and almost small enough to fit through the letter box.

However, they each need their own pot for a few months, possibly until next Spring, to grow big enough to plant out in the garden. My stock of old pots is fairly large and Sue had sieved several bags of soil and compost so, in a few hours, I had them all lined up on the staging at the back of the garden. Then the weekend’s weather forecast of heavy rain and high winds was confirmed. I also got around to reading the instructions which were in the box; they said to over-winter in a greenhouse or under glass.

So the next step was to make some space in James’s old bedroom, which faces South, set up the pasting table , extract the tray from Kerry’s dog cage (which we no longer use), line it with plastic and move all the plants.

Tada !!

New plants 001

I couldn’t quite fit them all in that tray. hence the extra plastic one.

Another job off the list.

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