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Climate change? Oh, yes.

May 28, 2013

Is the weather where you live significantly different to normal?

I posted some time ago a list of extreme changes (coldest March, heaviest snowfall, driest summer etc etc) and still it goes on. Here in the UK winter just doesn’t want to go away. We’ve had 5 fine days so far this year and it’s nearly June. Flowers that had bloomed earlier than normal the last two years were a good two months later this year. In New Zealand, where our son and his family live, Summer has lasted much, much longer than normal. Only in the last 24 hours have they seen any winter weather.

In a stage show, Billy Connolly once ranted that “there’s no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing”. I don’t think I’d go that far. Weather that rips the roof off your house or drowns dozens in flash floods or condemns thousands to starvation due to drought and crop failure can hardly be anything but bad weather.

After a lovely sunny day yesterday, it was cold and raining this morning. Would Kerry want to go out for a walk? Was it my turn? Yes, and yes. So, back to warm jumper, hat, gloves and big water-proof coat with hood and off we went. OK, so I had wet trousers and mucky shoes by the end of it and Kerry needed a good towelling off but she had enjoyed her normal ball chasing in the park and I got some fresh air and exercise.

On a personal level, Billy had a valid point, then, but many US residents might have had cause to disagree with him over the last week or so.

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