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Horse meat fiasco in the UK

February 9, 2013
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I just thought I’d add my own feelings about this: nothing outrageous, there seem to be plenty thinking along the same lines.

We are too used to cheap food.

Supermarkets can be too concerned with cheap food and not enough with its quality or origin.

There are plenty of unscrupulous suppliers willing to lie about their product to get a good contract.

Horse meat is widely eaten in many countries. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it but the current checks on the history of horse meat in no way match those on lamb, beef etc.

I’ve eaten crocodile, emu, pike and a few other meats you won’t find in, say, Tesco and I’d willing eat horse (or whale/bear/seal …) if it was known to be free of dangerous chemicals, not endangered and either wild or humanely reared.

How about you?

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