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“legitimate rape” and skinny dipping – yet more US politicians mess up

August 21, 2012

I nearly used the word ‘Statesmen’ to describe these two but that they’ll never be.
Briefly, in case you’ve been shut away somewhere for a few days and missed it, 
On Sunday the Republican congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin, known for his strong anti-abortion views, was asked by local news station KTVI-TV about his no-exceptions view on abortion.
The 65-year-old lawmaker replied: “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has said Mr Akin’s claim “contradicts basic biological truths”.
He also went on Mr Huckabee’s radio on Monday to resist calls from prominent Republicans to drop out of the race.
In a face-to-face video message on Tuesday, Mr Akin said: “Rape is an evil act. I used the wrong words in the wrong way, and for that I apologise.

Yes, he used the wrong words in the wrong way; not a trait valued in someone hoping to hold an important post of any sort.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney later joined the chorus of Republican calls for Mr Akin to stand aside because of his “offensive and wrong” comments.

Meanwhile, in Israel, Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas was one of “a pack of lawmakers and Capitol Hill aides who took a booze-fueled, late-night swim in Israel’s Sea of Galilee.”

Swimming is permitted there but Yoder stripped off for a brief naked dip.

Mitt Romney, the likely GOP presidential nominee, denounced the denuded (sic) dip in Galilee. “I think it’s reprehensible,”

All this comes just a month after Mitt Romney himself upset the UK public and Government and handed Barack Obama a potential gift for the US presidential election campaign when the presumptive Republican nominee blundered on his first diplomatic outing by questioning whether London was capable of staging a successful Olympic Games.

Is Barack Obama really in such a minority among US politicians? Surely there are some US citizens with above-average intelligence, qualifications, tact and leadership? It would also help if they had travelled widely and knew how to respect the norms of countries other than their own. You need someone who will do his best to do the right thing: for the world, for the US and for US citizens but not, as a priority, just things that will get a big cheer at some parochial party get-together.

Considering the appalling state of some Countries’ finances at the moment, do the US electorate really think one of these ill-educated, insensitive, gung-ho politicians could really do a better job? Personally, I wouldn’t trust some of them to run a mini-cab firm.

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