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Enough is enough!

July 26, 2012

I write this blog because I enjoy doing it and in the hope that what I find funny or interesting may come to the attention of some like-minded internet users and so lighten or enlighten their day.

If the number of visitors reaching my blog via a search engine goes up that’s great.

If someone likes what I’ve posted that’s great.

If they leave a comment that’s even better. I welcome relevant comments.

I know there will be spam comments but the Akismet filter has always picked them up. If a commenter uses profanity I can delete the comment.

What I’m getting tired of are the trolls: bloggers who are so desperate to increase their visitor numbers they pick on blogs, seemingly at random, and do a quick “Like”.

So, out of politeness, I visit their site – to discover it’s all about American Economics or American Baseball League or some other topic which bears no relation to the post on my blog they’ve “Liked” and in which I have no interest.

And then I discover why they didn’t leave a comment. They didn’t have time. I find about 25 sycophantic comments from the previous 2 days along the lines of “Thanks for liking my blog. I think your blog is totally awesome, too.”

You’re wasting your time and mine and you’re wasting internet bandwidth. You are that spam we all hate so much. Just stop it.

Thank you.

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