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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

July 2, 2012

Well, the weather could have been better but it was nowhere near as bad as the last time I went. It was Mark’s turn to drive so I was able to relax on the journey down, which was very uneventful and relatively traffic-free. We stopped at The Royal Oak for breakfast and very nice it was, too, and filed quickly into the main parking area around 9:45, where we met up with Ian, a friend of Mark’s. What we didn’t do was make a mental note of the row or even the area we’d left the car in. I won’t need to describe what ensued six hours later when we returned to the car park. After a browse of some of the stands and areas where cars were being noisily prepared for hill climb runs we tromped through the woods up the hill to the Rally stage and hill climb finish.       Later, we eased our way to the front at the start line but the ropes were way back from the straw bales which obscured much of the action, even holding the camera as high over my head as possible. I guess that’s why people are prepared to pay even more for a seat in the stands. That, and having somewhere to sit down. My legs were killing me by mid-afternoon. Off-beat highlight of the day – having a few words with 5th Gear presenter, Jonny Smith, at the wheel of a Cobra GT500 (one of my favourite muscle cars) lined up for the hill climb run. Any way, these are a couple of the better shots from the start line.  

Loads more on Flickr, as always.

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