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Tablet computing rocks – finally!

April 21, 2012

It’s the 7″ VGA Cloudnine Neuropad2. 1.5MHz, 8GB, Android 4.0.3 for about £130, including case/keyboard and SD card.

I’ve been using PCs for 30 years. I’ve found a laptop is needed these days when I’m travelling but they’re heavy. The popular tablets are too expensive to justify for occasional use.

But this thing is amazing: browsing (not in mobile format) and email (of course), Office apps (MS compatible to some degree), BBC iPlayer, eBook and Acrobat readers, camera, Google maps with street view, Skype and anything else I want from the Google store. Voice input has been error-free to date.
Today I watched a video and viewed some photos from Facebook on our wall-mounted TV, via an HDMI lead.

I haven’t been this enthusiastic about anything since I bought my GTO!

It’s a bit of a learning curve, particularly as the manufacturer’s instruction manual is so poor, but the retailer is working on a better version. Learning the swipes and touch techniques has been new to me as I don’t own a smart phone.

Anyone else got one?

Edit: One month later; bad news – I’ve discovered the camera is only VGA. Most mobile phones can better that.

Good news (if you haven’t bought one yet) – the price has dropped by £20 !!!!!!!! Bite their hands off on Amazon. Bargain of the year.

I also discovered that the standard File Explorer gives access to every file in every folder on every computer on my wireless network, despite limited folder shares set up in Windows. Luckily it’s only read access. Even so, if your network is not protected, do it now.


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  1. May 21, 2012 7:43 pm

    Hi, I’m interested in one of these but wondered about the camera. Can you tell me, does it have just a front-facing camera for Skype or does it have a rear camera too (not that I plan on taking many photos with it!)? Cheers

  2. May 21, 2012 7:53 pm

    Hi Chris. Yes, the camera works fine in Skype, although mine is a little bit off-centre. Skype itself isn’t straightforward to set up but the Amazon discussion forum covers it well.
    As I discovered this weekend, using a front-facing camera to photograph anything but yourself is tricky. Also, it’s only VGA (640×480), 0.5Mp. 😦

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