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Russia and China seem to be sanctioning murder by the Syrian forces

February 6, 2012

Yesterday’s vetos by these governments of the latest UN resolution aimed at stopping the murder of and brutalities against Syrians pressing for changes in their country are seen by some as sanctioning President Assad’s methods of holding on to power and ruling the country.

“Using words like “disgusted” and “appalled”, Western diplomats accused Russia and China of holding the council hostage, and of complicity in the policy of repression carried out by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.”

“In broad terms, their decision was coloured by the strategic and commercial interests they have invested in a decades-long alliance with the Assad regime, and by their policy of non-intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state.” In other words, their decisions seem to be based on established ideology and past advantageous arrangements but not on the current situation.

“Rather, the Russians suspected that the observer mission had been hijacked by Qatar and Saudi Arabia (countries hostile to Syria) backed by Western powers, and that their proposal was a thinly disguised attempt at regime change.” Not surprisingly, the very idea of regime change as a result of pressure from the civilian population is absolute anathema to the two countries  – even though that’s how Communist power came about for each of them. Funny, that.

The BBC reports, optimistically, that a separate move by Russia might just be more positive.

Read the full story: here


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