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Thieves dig 100ft tunnel to steal cash in Manchester

January 14, 2012

How much would you expect to earn for 6 months work digging? Factor in no insurance or sick pay, unsocial hours and unsafe working conditions plus having to supply your own clothing and equipment.

I would think £10,000 would be an absolute minimum – per person.

Police aren’t sure how many were involved in this theft but they’d have been better off doing practically anything else.

“Thieves in Manchester dug a 100ft (30m) underground tunnel to get to a cash machine.
Thieves dug the tunnel directly under the cash machine and used machinery to cut through more than 15in (38cm) of concrete to steal the money. The tunnel started from a railway embankment at the rear of the shop, and went under a car park and beneath the foundations of the store.
The passageway was about 4ft (1.2m) tall and had been fitted with lighting and roof supports.

However, the thieves only escaped with about £6,000 – because the machine had not been re-filled after the New Year bank holiday.”

Oh, I do like stupid criminal stories.

Read the full story: here

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