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Piston Heads Sunday Service

September 11, 2011

I would so like to own this one.

Mercedes-Benz World this time and at a more civilized start time of 9 a.m. for a Sunday. It’s only about 30 minutes up the M3 and M25 for me and nearly 700 PH members had signed up. Nearly all of them turned up, by the look of the allocated parking area by 10:30.

I hadn’t been up to M-B World for at least a year and the display changes frequently. The rain held off. In fact it was quite sunny a lot of the time so, like many others, I spent part of the morning wandering among all the parked cars, taking photos to add to those I’d taken in the exhibition centre. They’re all up on Flickr.

I also took some video of various things, including a couple of cars on the skid pad. Maybe I’ll get around to joining the clips together and uploading it some time.

Home in time for Sunday lunch and the Monza Grand Prix. A good day.

M-B World is free to visit. If you like cars why not take a trip there? There’s a whole lot more to do than just look at their cars.

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