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Red Arrows crash at Bournemouth display

August 20, 2011

As I write (20/8/11 14:55), details are still sketchy.

All we’ve heard is that all 9 finished part of the display and flew away from the main area. Then, a little later, 8 returned and landed.

The BBC were asked to stop filming and, shortly afterwards, all 8 Red Arrows took off; presumably to return to base.

More details are coming in now: “BBC South Today producer Martin Webster said the plane was thought to have crashed in an open area at Throop village, near the Castlepoint shopping centre.”

The plane appears to have crashed into some water, with no reports of the pilot ejecting.

From a PistonHeads forum member:  “Apparently it’s crashed into or near the Castlepoint shopping centre. I’m in Poole, lots of sirens…”

Read the growing story: here


Edited 11:30 21/8/11:

By last night the emergency services had confirmed that the pilot, Flt Lt Jon Egging, 33, from Rutland, had died in the crash.

They’ve not revealed any details of the injuries he sustained and are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Clearly it’s a tragic loss for his family and friends and for the RAF and the rest of the Red Arrows team, in particular.


For what it’s worth, my theory would be that the air-brake used for the slow pass failed to return as he went into the turn and that he stayed in control, rather than eject, in order to miss the residential and shopping areas the plane would surely have crashed into otherwise. If that’s the case, some posthumous award might be called for.

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