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Hindhead Tunnel Run

August 1, 2011

I can’t say I look forward to an alarm before 6 a.m. on a Sunday but, as usual, it turned out to be worth it. About 40 Piston Head members signed up and most made it. My invited passenger was one of those who didn’t. The whole idea of these events is to enjoy the sound of powerful engines reverberating off the tunnel walls. I was fairly near the front of the queue so was able to watch and listen to them arriving.


The Southbound tunnel had been opened on Wednesday, the Northbound on Saturday so we would be one of the first organised groups using it. To get full benefit, we drove through it one way, found the nearest exit to reverse direction and then drove the opposite way – three times, before most decided they needed a breakfast break.

Not having a passenger to hold my video camera, I tried fixing it to the headrest. The soundtrack is awesome but the view of dashboard and sky/roof is not exactly the best. Luckily, several others did better and here’s a link to one of them: Hindhead Tunnel Run

Finally, a week later, I’ve edited and uploaded my own video clip: My Hindhead Tunnel Run

Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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