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Wellington’s zombie apocalypse plan

July 6, 2011

Just in case earthquakes and tsunamis were not enough to be worrying about, Wellington City Council in New Zealand has put together a plan for how it would deal with a zombie apocalypse.

The tentatively titled Zombie Apocalypse Plan, otherwise known as ZAP, is apparently based on best overseas practice but also on repeated viewings of British comic movie Shaun of the Dead.

The good news is that Wellingtonians should survive, so long as we keep a cricket bat or golf club handy, according to one of Zap’s authors, CitiOperations manager Mike Mendonca.

“The council can send the zombie flying squad, but we prefer residents to deal with the problem themselves in the first instance,” he said.

The disposal of zombie corpses is also addressed in Zap. “Residents should place inert zombies and zombie parts in their rubbish bag – or they can be composted.”

It gets better! Read the full story, including a video,: here

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