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Santander – epic fail

May 21, 2011

When Santander took over Abbey etc current account holders, like me, had their sort codes changed. On the whole the change went smoothly. A couple of companies contacted me to confirm the change but that’s all.


Recently I decided to change to a different current account, still with Santander, which offered more benefits. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, although the amount of reading matter on terms and conditions was daunting.

Some/most of this was also presented to me on screen as I applied. Who in their right minds would read all this. I just expected the most important points to be clear, which they seemed to be.

So, today, I jumped through the hoops necessary to perform online banking. So far, so good but I was looking for some confirmation of when all my standing orders etc would be transferred. I found no reference.

So I tried telephone banking and soon spoke to a helpful Santander rep. She told me I had to do it all myself !!!!!!!!!!! They were assuming it would run in parallel with my existing current account. That idea had never occurred to me as an option. Do people actually do that? Am I in the wrong for making a wrong assumption?

I’ve just counted 25 organisations I have to contact, most of whom will, presumably, send me letters to fill in, sign and return to them. Santander banking have a computer system so why can’t they do it? Laziness? Lack of concern for customer satisfaction?

I can’t decide whether to just get on with it or give up on the idea of a new account.

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  1. June 28, 2011 6:34 pm

    I had a letter this week from them offering me a transfer service to move all my regular payments to my new account.
    So I phoned up and the intelligent rep called Johnny offered to arrange this but suggested that, if I no longer needed the old account, he could simply upgrade my old account to the new type; thus keeping my original sort code, account number, login codes etc.

    Brilliant! Magic! Perfect solution!

    Why couldn’t that have been offered by the first person I spoke to, or even as an option when I applied for the account?

    Less than 24 hours later he calls back: All done.

    That’s what I call service.
    Thank you, Santander.

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