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Video Games in Tokyo Urinals to Make Peeing Less Boring

January 18, 2011

It seems ages since I had the time and inclination so seek out some of the world’s weird and bizarre news. Some of my sources have dried up but I did find this on :Weirdasianews

The author writes that:

So what about the games? Well, my personal favorite is the hilariously named “Battle! Milk From Nose!” which involves trying to beat the last person at the urinal in a game of “who can pee the hardest to make milk come out of your nose.” Next to this is the hilariously named “Mannekin Pis,” which is another game that measures how hard you pee. If you ask me, those two games are biased in favor of those who REALLY have to pee.

The other two games include “The Northern Wind, the Sun and Me,” which, in true Japanese fashion, involves women’s skirts. The player takes on the role of the wind as you use your stream of pee to blow the skirt up. And finally, there’s “Grafitti Eraser,” which tasks the player with removing paint using a “hose.”

It’s only on trial during January so don’t necessarily expect to find them next time you visit Tokyo.

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