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University fees rises – who will it affect?

October 12, 2010

For students educated through the free state sector (and their parents) any fees at all can cause problems or even hardship. I know. We helped James as much as we could through six years at College and University but he is still left with the remains of his student loan which will take many more years to pay off.

The spectre of some Universities raising fees from £3,000 p.a. to £7,000 or even more (BBC news item) is causing huge discussion and controversy in the media and despair/panic/anger among current and prospective students – and their parents.

As always, students from poor backgrounds may have grants and subsidies available to them, as indeed I did at that age.

At the other end of the scale some parents might have got used/resigned to paying £8,000 to £20,000 or more p.a. for their children’s education at fee-paying schools (Fees at top UK Public Schools) and might just be able to budget for a few more expensive years.

In between, trapped between affluence and subsidies as always, are the aspiring, motivated and hard-working middle classes.

Gentle rant over.

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