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Andrew Marr criticises bloggers

October 11, 2010

I suppose, to be fair, he was only criticising bloggers with unjustified pretensions to be journalists. But that’s not what he said:

He “dismissed bloggers as “inadequate, pimpled and single”, and citizen journalism as the “spewings and rantings of very drunk people late at night”.

Marr, the BBC’s former political editor who now presents BBC1’s flagship Sunday morning show, said: “Most citizen journalism strikes me as nothing to do with journalism at all.

“A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting.”

Well, that’s put us all in our place hasn’t it? It certainly doesn’t describe me and I doubt it describes many bloggers. So there’s going to be quite a lot of anger expressed on the internet about his words and, I suspect, he’ll be forced to eat most of them.

Read the full story: here

Of course, if his description matches you or someone you know, please let us know.

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  1. October 13, 2010 1:46 pm

    Marr carefully used language like “a lot of bloggers”, ensuring his comments would be inflammatory (to maximise PR coverage, which he has achieved) and yet defensible (“I didn’t say ALL bloggers”). To be honest, I expected better than this kind of tawdry, playground-style headline-grabbing from him. He chose to respond to “angry, abusive and vituperative” citizen journalists with a series of knowing statements which were angry, abusive and vituperative.

    A shame, because the point he was making about the need for us to recognise the economic value of accurate, professional news gathering and dissemination is a valid one. Instead, we get this tawdry, headline-grabbing tar-everyone-with-the-same-brush blunderbuss approach.

    Here are my thoughts on Marr’s comments. I would welcome your comments, as long as they’re not angry, abusive or vituperative, of course! 😉

  2. October 13, 2010 7:28 pm

    Thanks, Tim. Nice letter you’ve written, too.
    When I have time I’ll read more on your blog.

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