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Brands Hatch, yet again

September 22, 2010
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It had been over a year since I’d done any track driving so it was time to hone my skills and prove to myself I still had the nerve and reactions to get the best out of my GTO. Last year someone asked me if I was thinking of selling it. I told him only when it starts to scare me.

So, on Monday morning, it was round the M25 without breakfast for a 7:30 sign-on, followed by a few sighting laps, a break for a coffee and a sausage bap and then 20 or so flat-out laps of that amazing circuit, spread over several hours. Quite apart from the fuel, a track day can be very expensive on brake pads and on tyres. It’s also surprisingly tiring.

There were quite a few Caterhams there, plus the usual selection of Porches, BMWs, highly tuned little hatchbacks and a couple of rather slowly driven small cars that spoilt it a bit but the day is open to anyone in any car. Stopping to watch others belting around and to chat with some of the drivers in the sunshine made for a really good day out.

‘Til the next time.

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