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Do not burn the Qur’an

September 9, 2010
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Terry Jones, the pastor masterminding this mind-blowingly stupid event needs to be stopped.

Has it not dawned on him that only a tiny percentage of Muslims are ‘radical’ and even fewer become bombers or terrorists? Does he think that his proposed action will have the remotest chance of any positive change?

OK. He’s angry but that does not excuse the action he proposes. History is full of horrific actions taken by individuals, groups and nations against those of a different religion. Do I need to list them? Have they ever solved anything or brought about peace?

Muslims revere Mohamed in name and image and they revere their holy book, as they have every right to do. President Obama has asked him to reconsider. I’ve no doubt there will be a police presence at the appointed time. If he does try to go ahead I would have thought there would be a clear case for arresting him for inciting religious hatred and possibly for a breach of the peace.

Just my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree. In nearly 5 years I’ve only deleted two comments from this blog and that was because they were full of swearing.

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