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beware time-share in malta

July 30, 2010

We were on holiday in Malta 8 weeks ago and fell for the banter of a very persuasive salesman on Valletta sea front. A free week’s holiday and some lesser presents were ours just for attending a presentation on holiday apartments. No, definitely not time-share.

The lady in the hotel representing Exclusive club made the same promises. For just £1,250 we would be entitled to one week free each year for three years plus as many other weeks as we wanted at cheap rates, plus up to 35% off air fares. The apartments were (apparently) in hundreds of hotels all over the world and all at least as good as the one we were shown in that hotel. There were other promises, too.

It took several weeks for any sort of documentation to arrive once we were home and longer to work out exactly what we would get for our money. Sue had paid by Barclaycard and alerted them as soon as we became suspicious.

To cut a long story short; the gifted free holiday was not free. Exclusive club only had direct access to apartments in two hotels in Malta. The impressive world map covered in red dots and the brochures we  flicked through bore no relation to what was actually on offer. What we could have, at no more than 8 weeks’ notice, was a very limited choice of apartments made available through a time-share company, most of them in the USA. We were refused the right to any cooling-off period or the right to cancel.

We passed copies of everything to Barclaycard and today we heard they agreed with our claim of gross misrepresentation and refunded the entire payment.

So, the lesson is; if you don’t want time-share and what’s on offer sounds a bit like time-share then think again. It just might be time-share. If you still decide to pay up you must absolutely insist on seeing the contract and checking that there is a cooling-off period. Do not accept any verbal promises. You have been warned.

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