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Farnborough International Air Show 2010

July 27, 2010

Sorry this is a bit delayed. What a week; average of 12 hours a day driving my Courtesy car on the site:

There were 34 of us driving a selection of nearly new, top of the range Land Rovers and Range Rovers. We ferried basically anyone in a suit from one place to another on site, and occasionally off site. As usual, I didn’t get any of the top brass, Royalty or celebrities. Luck of the draw, mainly.

I didn’t volunteer to do the manic public weekend, either. I needed a rest!

I wasn’t always in a good place to take photos and my camera is none too good on maximum zoom but there are quite a few photos of the Vulcan up on Flickr (see link at top right of the front page) and assorted other attractions. I did get a spare moment to get close-up underneath the Vulcan while it was parked up.

I also made sure I was in the right place to snap the Red Arrows as they landed and lined up before their display.

This was the first one in.

What else did I snap? The Blades aerobatics team, the Typhoon, a Spitfire, an ME109 (replica, I’m told), the airbus A380 and the Dreamilner 787, a drone helicopter, some of the other drivers plus the big, fierce black guy on traffic duty at the bottom of the hill most of the time; and a few late on Friday of the departing crowds.

What did I miss? all sorts, unfortunately. I was in the wrong place or too busy when Lewis Hamilton did his run,  for the Red Devils and for the Lancaster and B52 flypasts.

I did find this concept car, however, on the first day:

Three seater with the driver in the middle.

A bit of research told me it was a Italdesign-Giugiaro Quantara.

One cash tip, a bottle of beer, an LED torch and, on the last day, a BLT sandwich.  And a week being paid to drive a luxury car.

So I guess I might do it again in 2012. Enjoy the photos.

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