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England’s football team – do we expect too much?

June 19, 2010

These guys are clearly struggling; matched, if not out-classed, by the opposition so far. Just because ‘we’ won the competition once, long before many of the current football fans were born, have we any right to expect the same again?
Of course not.
Just because ‘we’ invented the game, does that mean we will always (ever?) be the best at it? No, of course not.
The team members spend far more time in a year competing against each other in league matches than they do playing with each other. That can’t be good for team psyche. Add on the fact that the very popularity of the game in the UK means high salaries can be paid, win or lose. Then, add in the absence from the team of many of the best league players who are not actually English and so can’t play for ‘us’ and what have you got?
Answer; a second best England team.
Wise up, football fans and media commentators. Support ‘our’ team but don’t expect miracles.

I just have to end with a quote from another blog. Sorry, I can’t remember the source; I saw it on a car forum. The author is clearly not a football fan at all and I don’t necessarily agree totally with his sentiments but you might. He described a football match (presumably English Premier League) as “22 millionaires ruining a lawn”.

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