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Glow in the dark toilet rolls

March 9, 2010

A GLOW in the dark toilet roll has been invented and is for sale, in a bid to help people on any nocturnal trip to the bathroom. It could help people who visit the bathroom in the middle of the night but do not want to turn on the light and wake up someone else.

It looks like a standard toilet roll in the day, but gives off a florescent glow when the lights are turned off.

A single roll costs £4.99 on I Want One of Those, a website that specialises in selling light-hearted gadgets, which is expensive to say the least compared to a normal toilet roll.

“It is actually the most useful glow–in-the-dark product ever. If you plan on going camping, make sure you take a couple of these rolls with you. This way you’ll be properly prepared, should you find that the call of nature visits you in the middle of night in the cold dark woods.”

Read the full story: here

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