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Trees and birds

February 11, 2010

We have a medium sized garden but with several fairly large trees, two of them Acers.

In the summer I curse them for drying the soil so nothing else can grow and for causing so much shade it limits our sunbathing time and stunts the growth of bushes and even grass.

I try to remind myself that they replenish oxygen in the atmosphere and soak up carbon dioxide but in the autumn I curse the monumental piles of leaves I have to rake up from all over the garden and from the pond.

Over the winter there are all the prunings and wind-damaged branches to gather up and take to the tip. And the gutters to clear regularly as they get blocked with wind blown seeds.

In the spring I curse all the acer seedlings that infest my carefully tended lawn and flower borders.

But, when a flock of Great Tits flutters around in the trees, hunting upside-down on the tips for insects, I look on the trees more kindly.

When a woodpecker has a go at one of the trees, I watch in idle pleasure. When a robin or one of eight or more other woodland birds sits on a branch  and watches me or or forages for seeds, I smile and relax.

Trees are good.

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