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Senegal offers land to Haitians

January 17, 2010

This is the most amazing piece of news; talk about “thinking out of the box”. We’ve all learned, if we didn’t know it before, that Haiti is a very poor country, plagued by poor government, violence, disease, shortage of resources, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Senegal’s president says he will offer free land and “repatriation” to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.President Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal.

“Senegal is ready to offer them parcels of land – even an entire region. It all depends on how many Haitians come,” Mr Bemba Ndiaye said.

“If it’s just a few individuals, then we will likely offer them housing or small pieces of land. If they come en masse we are ready to give them a region.”

The spokesman emphasised that if a region was given, it would be in a fertile part of the country rather than in its parched deserts, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Read the full story: here

How many take up the offer remains to be seen but full marks to Mr Ndiaye for making an offer which could help provide a long-term solution to at least some of these poor people.

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