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Copenhagen – our last chance?

December 7, 2009

Is there global warming?
Is it producing climate change?
Are sea levels rising?
Are these things happening at a rate unprecedented through all recorded human history?
Yes, yes, yes, yes. How can large numbers of people deny these facts?
Through ignorance and gullibility to the rhetoric of those with other agendas, I suppose. The flat-Earth society still has members. Some still deny the holocaust. Tobacco companies denied the harmful effects of their product for years and years.
If you haven’t read any impartial reports of the relevant facts, why not read: this

Is there a risk to human life if the trends are correct? You better believe it. Not a week seems to go past without reports of deaths and loss of homes due to wildfires, floods and storms. “Unprecedented”, “once in a thousand years” are the sorts of phrases used in the reports. The historical facts usually bear this out.

Over thirty years ago the science syllabus I taught included predictions of global warming and more extremes of weather. Why are we still having to debate whether or not it’s happening and whether or not we should do anything about it? Because it will inconvenience us, cost us money, possibly lower our standard of living? With no foreseeable benefit in our lifetime? What about our children? What about the costs if we do nothing and much of London floods? Not just London; not just a huge number of ports all over the world, not just low island countries like The Maldives. Read about some other examples: here

Is it possible to reduce these effects? Yes it is. Read the facts.

Is any of it due to human activity? Almost certainly but, even if it isn’t, would that mean we should just let it continue?

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