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2012. Entertainment vs Physics

November 15, 2009
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So, this morning I learn about this new film, 2012, from my Physics tutee. “What a daft idea”, I think. Then I read reviews from critics and a few people who’ve actually seen it. “An audience of Physicists would have been laughing out loud in the first five minutes” was one of the quotes.
But it wouldn’t be the first film to take a snippet of science and turn it into a good piece of entertainment.
In fact this evening I find myself watching “The Core” on Film4 which seems to involve using ultra-powerful ultrasonics to bore a hole to the Earth’s core to restart the magnetic core’s spin which, for no apparent reason, had stopped spinning.
Almost every scientific aspect is laughable but I am being entertained.

Do you remember when the The Sun (or was it The People?) printed a front page picture of a WW2 bomber in a crater on the Moon? Well, if people were stupid enough to believe that – and some were, then I just know I’m going to get plagued by bizarre questions as soon as some of my less well educated colleagues see this film or read about it.

I shall prepare some suitable answers in advance.

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