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Electrical woes

November 14, 2009

If two things go wrong people will say they always happen in threes. How about six or even more?
What is it with electrical appliances? Or have I just been unlucky recently?
In chronological order in 2009:
1. Push button door switch and unlock fails on microwave. Fixed mechanically.
2. Push button mains switch on dishwasher fails. Fixed with a new one but not the same as the original as it was so old.
3. Micro-switch on oven fails -again. Sick of replacing it every few months, so a new oven.
4. Freezer suddenly stops cooling anything, though motor is still, noisily running. After farming out its contents to neighbours and ordering a replacement, I test it one last time. It works perfectly. Still working.
5. Flat battery in car; very embarrassing. Use jump start, take it for a drive. Still flat. Price up new one while putting it on charge. Ever since: no problems.
6. Wall clock stops. Take it down, check battery – seems OK. Try new one anyway; still no good. Put it to one side, check it later; nothing. Check it even later; it’s working!
7. Oscar is trapped outside in today’s awful weather. The electromagnetic cat-flap has stopped working; try a new battery. No good. Logic suggests rain might have been the problem, though it doesn’t look wet inside. Ten minutes with a hair dryer and it works again.
About six weeks of 2009 left. What else can go wrong? Or am I tempting fate?

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