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Why doesn’t Gordon Brown say ‘sorry’?

April 14, 2009

This is the big UK story at the moment.

His adviser, Damian McBride, did something daft/inappropriate/unprofessional and has been sacked. Brown has clearly expressed his regret at McBride’s actions but he’s not saying ‘sorry’.

Why should he?

If a neighbour’s kid trampled on my flowers it would be nice if the parent came round and apologised but it would be even better if he/she brought the kid round to make an apology.

Brown didn’t send or condone or even know about the silly email. He can’t control what every employee does every minute of the day, nor should he; adults should take responsibility for their own actions.

As for the leader of the opposition jumping on the bandwagon (a specialism of his) and demanding that not saying ‘sorry’ means it’s time for a change of government ! Join the real world, Cameron. When you are after votes you like to think your policies are the most important consideration. Why should it not be the same for Labour?

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