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Dyno day

February 16, 2009

An all-day rolling road meeting for GTO/3000GT owners was held at Eurospec yesterday. They’ve had the latest Dyno Dynamics all wheel drive setup installed (£70k worth) so a load of us pre-booked and turned up. It was a very cold day, with a lot of hanging around, since each car took 30-60 minutes to prepare, tie-down, check and test. A couple weren’t given a full throttle run because of timing or fuel problems. Several cars, including mine, were very tricky to get on the rolling road because they had so little ground clearance. In the end thirteen of us (9 turbo, 4 non-turbo) had successful test runs and nobody came away crying because something had broken during the hard test – something we all feared.

The main cooling fan threw part of its casing about mid-day. Luckily they had some smaller backups.

Considering GTO imports were supposed to exit the factory at 280 bhp (flywheel), I reckon my result of 263.5 bhp (202 bhp at the wheels) and some others near it are pretty remarkable for such old, bog standard cars.

You can tell the N/A ones and the turbo versions  which have had money spent on them from the figures. I left my car there for some electrical work I had pre-booked and “permenant grin” gave me a lift home; awesome sound and acceleration.

They’re based in Surrey, in case any readers fancy a go with their car.

Many thanks to Ben and Mark for their expert advice and skills and to Karen for keeping up the supply of biscuits and hot water for drinks.

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