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Anti-Israel protests

January 3, 2009

I don’t normally take sides in political matters but a thought did occur to me today while seeing/reading about Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and their stated reasons.

I thought ‘what if Irish dissidents in Eire had been shelling villages in Wales for several years?’

or ‘what if drug smugglers in Mexico brought in mortars to shell areas across the US border to clear the way for themselves?’

or if Basque separatists had been shelling Spanish towns?

You get my drift?

I know. Some of you will support Hamas’s actions as justified in the light of Israel’s actions in the past; and you’d have a point. But it doesn’t change the present situation.

How would you feel if YOUR town was being repeatedly attacked by a known group of people a few miles away, across the border in a neighbouring country? What would you demand your government should do if years of negotiations had failed to stop them?

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