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Beijing Olympics

August 12, 2008

Oh dear, the Chinese do seem to have different standards to the rest of the developed world, don’t they?

Many aspects of the Games so far have been superbly managed but some seem to have been over-managed. Today I read that:

the ‘aerial’ shots of the city-wide fireworks display for the opening ceremony were computer generated,

the pretty young girl who ‘sang’ at that ceremony in fact mimed to the voice of a less-pretty girl with a better voice,

teams of volunteer helpers have been drafted in to fill unsold seats and cheer all the teams on, though they’re not very good at it.

And I just heard that, at one venue, they plan to remove a section of unsold seats! Why on earth don’t they simply offer them for sale at reduced rates to locals or to the poor Aussies who travelled there only to find their tickets didn’t exist?

Rant over. I’ll go back to watching the highlights, though I’m really waiting for the athletics next week.

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