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James’s art show opens

April 18, 2008

We went to London yesterday for the opening day. It was quiet until after office hours. Then it got increasingly busy over the evening. A lot of James and Tess’s friends, relatives and workmates turned up to support him but it also attracted some passers-by and habitual art show attendees drawn, in part, by the prospect of a free drink or two. However, many catalogues and a few of the exhibits were sold that evening.

Fingers crossed for the next three weeks!

Unlike the one he gave us earlier, James kept the cranes themselves separate from the ‘backgound’ patterns.

Of course everything looks much better in real life but here are a few photos, taken before it got too crowded:

Small paintings

Large paintings (this one is 2 metres square!)

Some actual origami cranes

The full display of 1,000 cranes. Asking price in 5 figures but the installation itself cost about half of that figure and the time involved beggars belief.

The proud artist and even prouder Mum.

Do go along if you can (location, times etc 3 posts earlier than this).

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