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The end of an era

March 30, 2008

I suppose the funeral service at the crematorium should have been the end but we still had to clear out Mum’s (council) house. Five of us spent about three hours at it today. There wasn’t a lot. We each found one or two things of no great value to keep in memory of her.

A good friend and neighbour, without relatives to provide for her, welcomed some clothes and food from the larder and freezer. A young cousin just moving into his first house apparently wanted some kitchen utensils, the washing machine and so on.

The rest was piled up on the front lawn, ready for a skip (which we weren’t able to book for the weekend). It was a very sad sight: bin bags of papers, photos, bedding and general rubbish, a pile of beds, mattresses and a broken wardrobe.

She may not have had much in the way of worldly goods to leave to anyone but an awful lot of relatives have many years of fond memories between them.

R.I.P. Oohuna Tipper

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