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Smoked salmon update

March 27, 2008

OK, actually it’s salmon gravlax (cured).

It had to stay in the fridge for a bit longer than the recommended 2 days but it didn’t seem any the worse for that. Lots of liquid came out of the fillets. I drained it once only and turned the fillets to redistribute the salt mixture once a day, as per instructions. I discovered there are similar recipes all over the web, some including limes or vodka, so search away if you fancy something a little different.

So, having rinsed all the salt off, I set about carving it into thin slices. Easier said than done, even with a very sharp, long, narrow knife. I couldn’t cope at first until I sliced the fillets lengthways from about 4″ wide to just 2″. I’m right-handed and found it best to slice from right to left, with the fingers of my left hand pressing lightly over the edge of the blade. Clearly this can be a bit hazardous but I didn’t spill any blood.

Of course I had to taste some at the start plus all the tiny bits that were not worthy of being packed. It had shrunk in the curing process and you can only slice so close to the skin. In the end I had 650g of rather yummy slices – about £18 at typical shop prices – so I’m well satisfied with my efforts.

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