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Not the happiest of days

March 25, 2008

Mum’s funeral.

We tried to keep at least a sense of normality for as long as possible: up early for a swim, then some breakfast. Sue went in to work for an hour to do the attendances and wages while I did some mundane home tasks – watering pot plants, putting old photo albums back in the loft etc.

It wasn’t long before it was time to get the black suits, ties, dresses etc from the wardrobes and get ready. If the weather had been kinder I might have cleaned the car but it had snowed a little in the night and there was a bitterly cold wind. So I didn’t. We had to stop at a service station half-way to Oxford to stretch our legs; particularly James & Tess squashed in the tiny rear seats. But they also had to buy drinks and a burger! Where do they pack it all?

Crematorium services are never as soulful (I’m not sure if that’s exactly the word I wanted here) as those in a church but the priest did a good job. The songs, hymns and prayers were those that Mum wanted and the eulogies were personal and funny: just the way she would have enjoyed them.

Being predominantly Catholic by nature (if not in attendance) Mum’s extended family and friends filled the crematorium and the pub afterwards. We had to leave a little early to get J&T to the station for their train back to London.

All over, bar the bills and, possibly, some personal grieving. Back to work tomorrow which, hopefully, will help us adjust.

Normal service (i.e. weird news) will be resumed as soon as possible.

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