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Mobile phones cause brain damage

February 13, 2008

How else do you explain the way the punters at the auction behave? Phone clamped to ear, they wander around in circles, weave backwards and forwards or stand with their backs to oncoming traffic, oblivious to car horns. They’re suicidal enough without distractions, standing in the way when we’re trying to drive slowly into or out of the auction hall or deciding to walk across in front of your bumper the instant the hammer comes down and you start to move forwards!!! Aaaarrgghhh.

While I’m ranting about these idiots I have to mention some of their toilet habits: why do some seem to have a fetish about taking a dump and not flushing afterwards? It’s as if they need to leave the evidence behind. Weirdos. Not to mention the ones who don’t use the urinals but insist on pissing all over the toilet seats. Grown men, for God’s sake!

And then there’s smoking. I smoke but I accept the no-smoking law as applied to all the covered areas at work. Not so some of these guys. They either express surprise when reminded – as if they’ve been on another planet for the last 7 months – or blatantly ignore any requests to obey the law.

Rant over.

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