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Oh, the shame. Home on a transporter.

February 2, 2008

That’s me and my GTO. Last night.

It had been playing up a bit during the day; hesitating when I accelerated at lowish revs.

When I came to start the engine in Farnborough after our swim it seemed like the battery was nearly flat. So I sat in there, keeping the revs up, to charge the battery. Big mistake. It was in fact the alternator that was faulty and the longer the engine ran, the flatter the battery became. I managed to drive about 300m before the dashboard looked like a christmas tree and the car was driving as if I had diesel in the tank instead of petrol. I steered it into a side road off a roundabout, then it died. An hour and a half waiting for a breakdown lorry doesn’t sound a lot but it was very cold.

The battery has been on charge all night. Hopefully, that will see me through my short commute to work each day until Ben, my trusted GTO fixer and friend, sources a reconditioned alternator.

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