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Latest special car auction

November 30, 2007

cars2sm.jpgcars2sm.jpgcars2sm.jpgThere were so many cars this time (about 60) that BCA decided it would be a static sale; just as well as the number of registered buyers was so great they overflowed the auction hall.

Lots of very old, 1930s, cars through to a few from the ’90s; quite a few Rolls-Royce, Bentleys and sports cars, three motor cycles but no vans this time.



This one wasn’t allowed to be started as it was too noisy – shame:


This is a Plymouth Prowler Junior, presented to the first buyers of the full size car:


But this I really liked. A BMW Z1 (no, I didn’t know they ever made one, either) in immaculate condition. It has doors which retract down into the body! How about that?


I spent most of the day basically being a security guard but moving them all out after the sale was interesting. For example, the starting instructions for one of the vintage cars were hand-written and covered half an A4 page. It did start, though.

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