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GTO TT, now with standard boost

September 14, 2007

I finally got around to installing datalogging software on my laptop and using it to check out how my car’s engine etc were behaving. Oh dear, far too much ‘knock’ (pre-ignition) under hard acceleration. That sort of thing can wear out bearings, lead to oil pressure drop and even destroy components, if not most of the engine.

I didn’t fancy a bill for £3k or more when it went bang so I took it to my friend and trusted specialist, Ben at Eurospec. The car came from Japan fitted with a manual boost controller; fitted, it would seem by some Japanese DIYer. The control knob looked good (Blitz brand) but didn’t actually control the boost, which was up to double what the engine was designed for, and had no facility for adjusting the mixture or timing. The performance had always been electrifying. With hindsight, it’s a good job I didn’t drive it too hard, too often.

Anyway, I took Ben’s advice and let him disconnect the plumbing and set the engine back to normal. Now, 300 odd bhp ought to be enough but I’d got used to the extra power and acceleration for the last three years. I guess I’ll get used to a GTO TT with standard boost and power.

I faxed the details to my insurance company and hope for a reduction in my premium. After all, I was paying extra because it was there in the first place.

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