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Natural disasters and global warming

May 17, 2007

I know there’s plenty of debate about how much effect human activity has on global warming and climate change but, surely, there shouldn’t be any debate about whether or not it is happening.

Meteorologists are constantly reporting rises in average temperatures and record temperatures/rainfall/wild fires/tornadoes/tsunamis/earthquakes/incidences of hurricanes ……… Yes, it may well be cyclical but that doesn’t help folk whose town has been 95% demolished.

I started teaching about global warming about 20 years ago. The predictions back then were for a rise in global average temperatures of about 4C (8F) and that this would result in more unstable, erratic and extreme weather – just what we’re getting now.

How can anyone deny it’s happening? Check out this page on Fox News, totally dedicated to recent natural disasters.

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