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Happy birthday to Tony and James

May 6, 2007

Not only is it Tony Blair’s birthday today, it’s also our son’s.

He and his girlfriend are here for the weekend. After breakfast and card and present opening there was frisbee on the patio and a light lunch. Last night’s outing to the local curry house started out well but my choice of the chicken jalfrezi with extra chilli peppers was, with hindsight, not terribly wise and not helped by the third bottle of wine. But look on the bright side; since most of it ended up in the lavatory pan my body didn’t have to absorb it and I won’t have put on extra weight! I don’t really remember being undressed and put to bed but I felt fine this morning.

Anyway, after lunch we all went 10-pin bowling. Sue and I hadn’t been for years. It was really good fun, even if Sue did have coordination problems. I had most of my old style (I used to bowl pretty seriously in a league – about 40 years ago) but I had to change to a lighter ball and still managed to strain a leg muscle in the second of two games with scores of about 125. Probably serves me right for declaring my age to get a quid a game over-60s discount.

This evening we watched a (bootleg) DVD of “Breed”. I kept getting told off for picking factual holes in the flimsy plot but once the action started it was quite good. You’d think that after two huge man-eating dogs had attacked a car’s occupants through an open window, someone would have thought of closing it, wouldn’t you? Not to mention the sun-roof!

The kids have promised to get up and make us breakfast in bed tomorrow. Sue only ever has two cups of tea for breakfast. I might normally have a bowl of cereals and toast but the risks of spilling milk in the bed made me change my order to boiled eggs. We’ll see how they get on.

James has introduced me to BitTorrent. Well, actually he took over my PC, typing and hitting mouse and keyboard buttons faster than I could follow, and set it up to download episodes 1-12 of 24, season 6, as he knows I really love that series. Unfortunately, the current download speed indicates it’ll take just over a month to complete. He says not to panic as it’s usually faster overnight.

Again, we’ll see.

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