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Islamic dress code in Iran

April 29, 2007

This has been much in the news recently and the BBC news article today covers men’s as well as women’s appearance in public.

Read the full story: here

Many Iranians have contributed on that web page to the debate but some are either in denial or unaware of the examples of women being dragged screaming into police cars that have been shown recently on UK TV news programmes. And, did you see the article about a clothes shop where the owner was required to saw the breasts off his window manikins?

According to the law, a woman who does not cover her hair and body in public can be fined or imprisoned for up to two months.”

In my opinion there is more styles and fashion and less personal restrictions on what can and can’t be worn in Iran than what is worn in the West.” Has this guy got his head in the sand?

I have to wear headscarf and coat in summer while my husband wears T shirt and jeans,”

Increasingly there is a recognition that women – rather than men – should be the ones who decide what kind of Islamic dress they wear.”  I’d like to believe that is true.

I have no problem with Islam as a faith. I have a problem with any organisation – public, private, state or religious – which treats one section of its members worse than others by denying them the same rights and treating them as second-class citizens.

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