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Friday the 13th – what a bummer!

April 13, 2007

The day didn’t start well. The forecast was for a warm day, with very warm sunny spells. So I didn’t wear my heavy yellow coat, just the reflective waistcoat.  And my hat is always in my coat pocket.

Wrong. The sun never appeared and, for the first few hours, it was distinctly chilly.

Then it got worse. The place was crowded, it being half-term, with private buyers and their children. En route to the auction hall, threading my way slowly between them all, some guy steps backwards into my path. Stamping on the brake and hitting the horn was useless. It was too late. I think I only clipped him but he lost his balance and down he went. He didn’t seem hurt but I was pretty upset. My boss insisted I sit down for a while with a cup of coffee and it did help but I kept seeing it all in my mind for the rest of the day.

Just before lunch I managed to leave my pen and log book in a car but didn’t realise it until I drove my next car, 30 minutes later. I tried to retrace my steps and I was pretty sure where I had parked that car but there was no sign of it. Panic. It had already been taken away by the buyer. Luckily he had found my book and handed it in.

Then I get home to find a depressed Sue at not having got the job.

What a day.

Anyone else have a proper Friday the 13th?

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