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Unprofesional employers

April 12, 2007

Sue has, not surprisingly, got bored with retirement and has been applying for some part-time local jobs. About three weeks ago she had a couple of interviews which, she felt, went pretty well. Both prospective employers promised to contact her by the following Monday or Tuesday. That was ten days ago and guess what? No letters, no phone calls.

Yesterday she went for another interview. The guy seemed eager to appoint as soon as possible and promised to phone her this afternoon. You guessed it – nothing.

This morning she had another interview. It went well and Sue thinks she has a good chance. The person in charged promised to ring her tomorrow afternoon. I’ll let you know what happens.

Is Sue unlucky or have others experienced this very unprofessional behaviour by employers?

[Edit. No luck with the last one, though they did phone to tell her – eventually.]

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