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World Tour2 – Sydney, Australia

February 22, 2007

A fairly short flight from Singapore, then a shuttle bus to the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Darling harbour. We hadn’t realised how indented the estuary coastline in and around Sydney was with a myriad of coves, beaches and harbours.

The first thing we did was take a (pre-booked) harbour trip to see all the usual sights. We were out for just over an hour and we both had arms and faces that were worryingly close to being sunburned. We don’t normally use sun-screen above factor 8, even in the middle East, but we decided to heed all the warnings for that part of the world and bought some factor 30. A wise move, in hindsight. Bird at Darling Harbour
The weather was brilliant and there was lots to see in and around the harbour. There were loads of these birds, as well as seagulls, wandering around but I never did learn their name.

Street Entertainer

It was a special kids weekend with aboriginal and other performers on a stage, face painting, bubble blowers .. all sorts and all free.

HMS EndeavourI took video and Sue took loads of photos. I won’t bore you with too many, just these of Captain Cook’s ship The Endeavour and a brilliant street entertainer.

He juggled fire and swords, lay on a bed of nails, climbed a ladder with sword blades for steps and kept up amazingly funny banter the whole time.

Our helicopterHelicopter viewThe next day we took a helicopter flight over Sydney.

We were a bit apprehensive but it was absolutely brilliant; expensive but we’d love to do it again on another holiday. Again, lots of film and photos.

We walked all over the central parts of the city, between the harbours, quays, parks and shopping areas. We ate lunch at a busy city bar and dinner at an absurdly busy harbour bar-restaurant. Afterwards, slightly the worse for too much wine, we took a round trip on the monorail before staggering back to the hotel. The monorail is nothing special except that, half-way through the shopping area, it has to do such a sharp turn that its route cuts through the corner of a shop at first floor level.

Family BBQNext day we took the ferry to Manley beach where we were met by Sue’s cousin Charmaine and family. They gave us a quick tour of the area and, after a drink in a local bar, took us back to their place for long chats and a BBQ. They’ve been living there for just over a year and I believe we were the first relatives to call on them.

Their dog tried to chase a couple of possums that thought they’d walk across their decking but they were too quick for him.

We took a late bus back from there to the City.

PoolThe weather continued fine, hot and sunny so, next day, we took our costumes and headed through the city and some lovely parks down to the old Olympic swimming pool.

It is quite a bit bigger (longer) than the pool we normally swim in at home but we did quite a few lengths and sunbathed, neither of which were possible at our hotel or at the harbour.

Next stop Tasmania, thanks to Kuoni tailor-making holiday section.

[Apologies if the layout looks wrong. It only seems to match the way I composed it if the window is slightly less than full screen width.]

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  1. February 10, 2010 4:18 am

    The bird is an Ibis

  2. February 10, 2010 4:28 pm

    Thanks for that, David. I thought it might be but it has taken 3 years to get confirmation!

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