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History matters

October 17, 2006

This is a long, rambling, diary entry and will be submitted to the site as part of their project to include large numbers of everyday accounts of life for future historians.

06:15, awake to radio 4 on the alarm clock. Coffee and a ciggy in the garage (we don’t smoke in the house) before driving the 7 miles to the sports centre for a morning swim. We had to cut it short today. Back home about 8 o’clock. Two cups of tea for Sue, orange juice, weetabix, frosties and chopped banana for me, followed by coffee.

I generally work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the car auction. Sue has been off work with depression for some months. Another cigarrette, mainly to calm Sue’s nerves, and we’re off again just after nine to a hotel in Aldershot for a meeting with Sue’s Union representative and her line manager and the H.R. manager from her College. Sue is very nervous but the meeting is short and constructive. They will support her application for early retirement on ill-health grounds. Hopefully, it should not take more than a couple of months.

Back home. Sue starts the downstairs housework. I log on to check my email etc. No post today. No feedback after my first MS Access training last week. No news of Sue’s invalidity benefit payments.

Noises outside. The council have left a green plastic box on every doorstep for waste glass, along with a leaflet explaining its use and when the alternate weekly collection of black (refuse) and blue (recycling) wheelie bins will start. Sue needs a glass of wine. She is still nervous after the meeting. I join her.

Lunch. Scrambled eggs with a small tin of smoked oysters on toast for me; a banana and a pear for Sue. Tea and ciggy to follow. We have tried to give up but ….

It’s still overcast and not very warm outside but rain is forecast for later so I have to do a couple of jobs in the garden. Cover the last of the wooden garden furniture, bag up a load of prunings to take to the tip and pick half the remaining grapes for Sue to make a cake with. It was a good year for grapes. Loads of sunshine though maybe a little more rain might have made them swell to a better size.

Just got an email from our son. His “General Carbunkle” work of art is on Ebay and due to go on exhibition in London next Monday.

I waste a bit of time on the PC while Sue cooks the grape cake and prepares tea. Email about the Access training; the adult student has to attend a meeting on Thursday so I’ll have to plan something else to make myself useful. I always have a list of jobs that need doing in or around the house.

Salad for tea, with jacket potato and slices of roast turkey. Nearly 7:30 by the time we’ve had a cuppa and another ciggy. Sue watches Eastenders while I type up the diary entry and check my rating and points on Yahoo Answers. I was getting addicted to it for the last 2 weeks and had reached level 3 but now I’m getting bored with the same old questions and the stupid or incoherent ones.

We both watch a bit of Holby City before a last coffee (and ciggy!). Sue goes to bed and watches Horizon, the face transplant; I’m in the office, typing this while watching ITV4 “Police, Camera, Action”. The 10 o’clock news will be the last thing we watch before snooze time. Up early again tomorrow but I have another early start at work so Sue will go for a swim on her own.

Phew. What a load of trivia. Let’s hope it does prove of some interest to a future historian.

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  1. November 20, 2006 8:39 pm

    Hi Rob

    I enjoyed reading your One Day in History post. You managed to capture the essence of what the National Archives were trying to do with the History Matters campaign which is why I’d like to invite you to take a look at a new website called “Map My London” which has just been launched by The Museum of London: (

    Map My London hopes to revolutionise the way the history of the city is gathered and displayed. It would be great if you could take a look at the site and see if you would be interested in getting involved with uploading your impressions and memories of the capital, to help us create an emotional memory bank.

    You will be able to upload your experiences about the city onto the Map My London site under headings including “Love and Loss”, “Beauty and Horror” and “Fate and Coincidence”. The site will support contributions in the form of text, digital photographs, video clips and sound recordings and the best thing is that you will be able to have a link directly to your own personal map to put onto your blog.

    If this is something that you think that you’d like to get involved with, please visit I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the website.

    Well done on the cool blog – I’ve got it bookmarked, so you might see some more comments from me in the future 😉

    Kind regards
    Rax, Museum of London

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