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What and who I am

September 2, 2006

[with thanks to the author of the blog ‘nothing much to report’ (see right) for the idea]


don’t look or act my age and hope to keep it that way

love my wife and son to bits

used to like teaching

enjoy travelling and experiencing other cultures

mostly read political thrillers (when I have time); favourite author in recent years has been Andy McNab

enjoy driving fast; in fact I enjoy driving, otherwise I wouldn’t do the job I have now

am finding it harder, as I grow older, to remember all the Physics and Computing I used to but exam marking and tutoring all help to keep my brain active

quite like doing croswwords but I find Soduku a bit boring

always regret allowing my dentist to operate on my lower jaw, only learning afterwards that dentures will never fit tightly

enjoy hard and soft gardening, especially the best bit of just looking at a completed border, wall, lawn or patio

keep fit with swimming, walking, my work and gardening

eat healthily, with Sue’s help and encouragement

never regret taking early retirement from teaching

have a sense of humour and am quite good at telling jokes

can only make up jokes of my own which produce groans, not laughs

dislike cabbage, onions (unless very well cooked), liver and cheap caviar

cannot eat apples, lettuce and lots of other hard foods (see above for reason) and, worst of all, beef steak

have moved, over the years, from drinking beer and neat spirits to dry white or red wine

love champagne but too much makes me belch a lot

am a technophile; not always the latest or best, but one of most gadgets available to man

collect, according to Sue, tools; everything from chisels and screwdrivers, through drills, a planer and router to cement mixer, lawn mower and leaf blowers

always drive whatever computer I own to the limit; fill all internal bays, plug something into every available socket and make it multi-task at every opportunity – then explode when it crashes

can wash, iron and do most basic housework but don’t enjoy it

don’t get enough sleep regularly

may not have my own teeth but I only need to wear glasses for reading small print or PC work, which is unique in my family

am an orphan

am organised and clean but untidy; I can usually remember where a receipt is (i.e. roughly how far down it is in one of the untidy piles of paper which litter my office)

have only one game on my PC (Mahjonng) but I’m addicted to it

am a very good driver and detest bad drivers, though I rarely allow it to anger me these days

dislike and despair of the parlous state of written and spoken English exhibited by so many of my fellow countrymen

deride people who cannot do the job they are paid to do and get angry when that inability affects me directly

[to be continued – possibly]

really like smoked salmon, smoked oysters, asparagus tips, scambled egg, roast potatoes, Beluga caviar

drove coaches and lorries when I was a young teacher and stretched limos last year

shaved off my facial hair a couple of years ago but regrew it at the urging of my family !?

don’t mind being 60: I’m happy to have a B&Q discount card and looking forward to receiving my winter fuel allowance

wish I could get a decent seal with a diving mask so I could progress from snorkelling to proper diving

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