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VK4000 camera photos

August 31, 2006

Some of you have been asking how good the camera is on this phone. So here are some untouched photos. 240×320 (or rotated 320×240). Click on the thubnails for the ‘full-size’ original.

The close-up may have been disturbed by the wind. The last one was in a darkened room, using the built-in flash.

Judge for yourselves.

    Office Garden Roses Painting

And here’s a similar one, taken at the highest res (VGA 640×480):OfficeHIRes

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  1. November 29, 2006 10:09 pm

    I’ve just discovered something odd about photos taken with the VK4000.
    If you hold the camera normally the screen shows what looks like a picture in portrait mode but there is actually more that will be captured to the left and right since the actual photo is landscape.
    Conversly, if you turn the phone through 90 degrees to take what you think will be a landscape photo (as I did this week) there will actually be more to the photo above and below what you saw on the screen because it is now in portrait layout !!

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